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2023-09-11 20:07
本文摘要:1、重点单词theory n.理论deadly adj. 致命的,十足的survival n. 生存,生存者province n. 省份acquire v. 获得broad adj. 广泛的,宽阔的intend v. 想要,计划recipe n.秘诀,食谱herb n. 草药promising adj. 有希望的,有前途的redesign v.重新设计damage v./n. 损害,伤害trial n. 试验,审讯limited adj. 有限的household adj.


1、重点单词theory n.理论deadly adj. 致命的,十足的survival n. 生存,生存者province n. 省份acquire v. 获得broad adj. 广泛的,宽阔的intend v. 想要,计划recipe n.秘诀,食谱herb n. 草药promising adj. 有希望的,有前途的redesign v.重新设计damage v./n. 损害,伤害trial n. 试验,审讯limited adj. 有限的household adj.家庭的,家用的container n. 集装箱,容器postpone v. 延迟sufficient adj.足够的data n. 数据pure adj.纯净的,单纯的wisdom n.智慧beneficial adj. 有用的,有益的quality n.质量,品质significance n.重要性strength n.优点,力气conduct v.组织,实施illustrate v.说明,加插图于bacteria n.细菌publish v.出书observe v.视察到,注意到surround v.围绕,围绕indicate v.外貌,表示intelligent adj.有才智的,智慧的experienced adj. 有履历的determination n.决议,刻意favor v.偏袒,较喜欢politician n.政客lightning n.闪电thunderstorm n.雷雨string n. 细绳 v.用线串charge v. 充电,收费,指控chairperson n.主席,会长decorate v.装饰,装潢solar adj.太阳的represent v.意味着,代表involved adj. 到场,卷入moral adj. 道德的intellectual adj.有才智的ignorance n.无知freedom n.自由authority n,权威,官方recognize v.意识到,分辨permit v.准许,允许declare v.宣称,宣布nationality n.国籍evolution n.生长,进化explore v.探索二、重点短语in theory 理论上die of/ from 死于cure for ...的治愈方法refer to 提到,查阅cause damage to 损害/破坏...on trial 试用,受审speed up (使)加速pay off乐成,到达目的draw on 凭借,使用be beneficial to 对...有益strengths and weaknesses 优势和劣势conduct research 实施研究be widely considered to be 被广泛认为是...in history 在历史上treat wounds 治疗伤口catch the attention of引起...的注意mass production 批量生产far from the truth 远非事实electric shock电击generation to come子孙子女fit together 拼在一起put forward 提出driving force驱动力,推动力take an interest in 对...感兴趣with a bang很乐成,有强烈影响show off 显示,炫耀get a taste of 体验,实验due to 由于,因为move smoothly 希望顺利put...at risk 使...处于危险下Put another way 换句话说devote oneself to 致力于to the credit of 归功于...take it for granted 认为...使天经地义的leave room for 给...留空间be surrounded by 被...围绕三、 词汇拓展1. theory n.理论 adj.理论的2. survive v.幸存 n.幸存者 n.幸存3. acquire v.获得 n.获得4. intend v.计划,想要 n.意图,目的5. limit v./n.限制 adj.有限的6. contain v.装有,包罗 n.容器,集装箱7. pure adj.纯净的 v.纯化 n.纯净8. wise adj.明智的 adv.明智地 n.智慧9. benefit v.使...受益/n.利益 adj.有益的10. quality n.品质,质量 v.(使)有资格 adj.有资格的11. ignore v.忽视 n.无知 adj.无知的 adj.被忽视的12. recognize v.辨认,意识到 n.辨认,识别13. significance n.重要性 adj.重要的14. strong adj.强壮的,强烈的 n.力气 v.强化15. decorate v.装饰,装潢 n.装饰,装潢16. permit v.允许 n.允许17. surround v.围绕 n.情况 adj. 被围绕的 adj.周围的,四周的18. explore v.探索 n.探索者 n.探索【参考谜底】1. theory n.理论 theoretical adj.理论的2. survive v.幸存 survivor n.幸存者 survival n.幸存3. acquire v.获得 acquisition n.获得4. intend v.计划,想要 intention n.意图,目的5. limit v./n.限制 limited adj.有限的6. contain v.装有,包罗 container n.容器,集装箱7. pure adj.纯净的 purify v.纯化 purity n.纯净8. wise adj.明智的 wisely adv.明智地 wisdom n.智慧9. benefit v.使...受益/n.利益 beneficial adj.有益的10. quality n.品质,质量 qualify v.(使)有资格 qualified adj.有资格的11. ignore v.忽视 ignorance n.无知 ignorant adj.无知的 ignored adj.被忽视的12. recognize v.辨认,意识到 recognition n.辨认,识别13. significance n.重要性 significant adj.重要的14. strong adj.强壮的,强烈的 strength n.力气 strengthen v.强化15. decorate v.装饰,装潢 decoration n.装饰,装潢16. permit v.允许 permission n.允许17. surround v.围绕 surroundings n.情况 surrounded adj. 被围绕的 surrounding adj.周围的,四周的18. explore v.探索 explorer n.探索者 exploration n.探索B一、单词拼写(用本部门所学单词)1. As we know, taking positive attitudes towards life is (有益的)to our bodies and minds.2.As is well known,many (致命的)accidents result from carelessness and irresponsibility3.Despite the poor service of the hotel,the manager is reluctant(不情愿的)to invest in (足够的)training for his staff.4.Official reports suggest that the number of (家庭) living together had risen from 325,000 in 2001 to 419,000 in2013.5.While high school does not generally encourage students to (探索) new aspects of life, college sets the stage for that exploration.6.For a sudden heart failure,the single best chance for (生存)is having someonenearby step in and do CPR quickly .7. To test the effect of social influence on eating habits,the researchers conductedtwo (实验).8.Conventional (智慧)has it that we should save some money for rainy days when we have a lot in hand.9. He had intended to go to Beijing today, but he (延迟)the trip when he heard that there would be a downpour at noon.10.The musician (指挥)his last concert shortly before his death.11. According to our rules, smoking is not p______in our office.12. The scientist was determined to make a great breakthrough in (科学的)research.13. Sometimes, people don't like asking questions for fear of appearing stupid and (无知的).14.Remember that Thomas Costain was 57 when he (出书) his first novel,and that Grandma Moses showed her first pictures when she was 78.15.The volunteers' primary (责任)is to help people with learning disabilities to realize their own importance.16. In our country, everyone has the right and (自由)to express his thoughts and ideas.17.In traditional Chinese culture, (婚姻) decisions were made by parents fortheir children.【参考谜底】 beneficial; deadly; sufficient; households; exploresurvival; trials; wisdom; postponed; conducted; permitted; scientific; ignorant; published; responsibility ; freedom; marriage二、单句语法填空1 . - Would you permit me here ?-Sorry, we don't permit in the library. (smoke)2 . Your dad will go bananas if he knows you often drive his car without (permit)3. I take for granted that you have already check the answer.4.(2019·北京语法填空改编)No matter what you like to do,there is a way to get (involve) in various activities on Earth Day.5. The best way to encourage your kids to enjoy meals is to involve them preparing them.ceremony organized even if the time was so limited.6 . A large number of people have sent off ( apply ) for the job . Some of the ______ ( apply ) may be disappointed because only one third applying to be employed.7.(2020·全国I卷语法填空改编)The far side of the moon is of particular (interesting) to scientists because it has a lot of deep craters(环形山),more so than the familiar near side.8. I always dream of having a house______by trees, flowers and grass . If I can live in such beautiful , I mus feel happy every day. As we know, the things can always have an effect on our mood.(surround)9. I'm not going there again-they charged me $ 10_____a cup of coffee!10. You were charged ignoring your duty. Who accused you such a crime?11. There was a very naughty boy in the nursery and a teacher who was generally very confident with the children was asked to take charge him.12. I am favour of your suggestion that we should spend more time on this project.13. The survey (conduct) by the company shows there is a large increase in customer satisfaction this year.14.She (intend)to clear out the spare room, but she was too busy at that time.15. Keep in mind that your effort will pay . Don't let one or two failures get you down .【参考谜底】1.to smoke, smoking2.permission3.it4.involved5.in6.applications, applicants,for7.interest8.surrounded;surroundings;surrounding9.for10.with11.of12.in13.conducted14had intended15.off三、课文语法填空(1)Because of her contribution to the fight against malaria, Tu Youyou has become the first female Chinese scientist 1 (receive)a Nobel Prize.Born in 1930, in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Tu 2 (study)medicine at university in Beijing and acquired a broad knowledge of both Chinese and Western medicine. In 1969 she became head of a team that intended to find a cure 3 malaria. 4 (inspire) by a 1, 700-year-old text about preparing qinghao with cold water, she tried extracting the herb at a low temperature in order not to damage its 5 (effect)part. She finally succeeded in making a qinghao extract that could treat malaria in mice . 6 , the trials on real patients were likely to 7 ( postpone ) because they did not have sufficient data. To speed up the process and ensure its 8 (safe), Tu and her team volunteered to test the qinghao extract on themselves first.The efforts of Tu and her team finally paid off. In November 1972, they successfully isolated the most effective part of 9 extract and named it qinghaosu, 10 is now a key part of many malaria medicines. Tu encouraged scientists to further explore the 10 treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine and raise it to a higher level.【参考谜底】to receive; studied; for; Inspired; effectiveHowever; be postponed; safety; the; which(2)What is the value of science ?The first value is that scientific knowledge enables us 1 (do) and make all kinds of things. Scientific knowledge is an enabling power to do either good or bad- 2 it does not carry instructions on how to apply it. Such power 3 (have) obvious value. Another value of science is the intellectual enjoyment it can provide us 4 . Thanks to the scientific effort, we have been led to imagine all 5 ( sort ) of things which are more fantastic than poets and dreamers of the past ever could. Let's turn to a 6 (three) value that science has. The scientist has a lot of experience with 7 ( ignorant ) and doubt and uncertainty , and this experience is 8 ( great ) important . Scientists take it for granted that 9 is perfectly possible to live and not know .10 (know) the great progress that is the fruit of freedom of thought, we as scientists have the responsibility to declare the value of this freedom.【参考谜底】to do; but; has; with; sortsthird; ignorance; greatly; it; Knowing